I’m a Naturopath + Herbalist, fully qualified Breathworker + Shamanic healer.

Are you looking to develop a natural way to support your body, reclaim you health, reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy? Or are you looking to manage your hormones for healthy and happy periods, fertility and more vitality? I work with women of all ages to support hormonal health, deep healing and improved wellbeing. My clinic is in Perth and I have online booking options.

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health that infuses nutrition, herbal medicine, lifestyle changes and emotional support.

I’ve guided my clients and students to restore hormone balance, reduce painful periods, support mood changes, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, rebalance gut health, restore immune health, support fertility, aid in weight management and increase energy & vitality. I use a deeply holistic approach to find the underlying root cause of any imbalance, I work deeply with herbs and plant medicine and offer my clients safety and emotional support while guiding them to step in to their most confident and radiant selves.

Through my 1:1 naturopathy consultations, online group programs, transpersonal breathwork, shamanic healing, workshops & retreats, you’ll become deeply in tune with the intelligence of your own body and reclaim your health and vitality!

What I offer

I’m a Certified Naturopath and herbalist, based in Perth, Western Australia that specialises in women’s health and hormones. I offer both online or in person appointments. I work with women with an infused physical and emotional approach, to assist you on every level of your health journey. I use herbal and nutritional medicine to assist in rebalancing the physical body, but take a very holistic approach in finding what you need as an individual.

I’ve guided my clients to heal their physical bodies, rebalance hormones, restore gut health, unlock their energy and vitality, improve sleep and reduce stress.

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What I Specialize In

Women’s Holistic Health + fertility

Nutritional Medicine



Gut + Immune health

Sleep, Stress

+ Energy

How We Can Work Together

Personalised naturopath appointment tailored specifically for you and your unique needs. Combining my expertise, guidance & high-level support to help you reach any health or wellness goals. Available online or in Perth.

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Personalised energy work tailored specifically for you and your unique emotional needs. I combine breathwork with shamanic healing to help transform anxiety, trauma, limiting beliefs and removing energetic blocks.

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Online Programs

A 6 month immersive online course and coaching program. Includes 1 on 1 zoom consultations, tailored herbal medicine and supplements delivered to your door.

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Workshops, Speaking & Events

A passionate speaker, I present for groups large and small. Offering education about the intelligence of your body and menstrual cycle. Relaxing meditations.

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Begin Your Journey Today

The Journey Towards Vitality Begins on the Path of Self Love, Self Discovery + Self Mastery.

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Ellie is a great naturopath! She is very relatable and has a open hearted approach to anyone’s needs. Not once did I ever feel judged by her. She helped me grow and become more confident in such a small amount of time! She puts a lot of effort into her clients and I would 100% recommend her to any females needing some guidance.
I have often been misunderstood and even misdiagnosed by doctors, but Ellie has been able to explain symptoms and conditions that others never could. I have been very grateful for Ellie’s holistic and knowledgeable treatment approach, and with her empathic compassionate and non-judgemental style, Ellie has been an integral part of my healing journey. I cannot recommend Ellie highly enough to anyone who wants to improve their health and well being, and gain a deeper understanding of their mind, body and spirit.
Ellie is fantastic! She initiated a thorough assessment of my health difficulties and provided a specific treatment plan tailored to my individual needs. I noticed a significant improvement in my health and would definitely recommend Ellie’s services. She is kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable!

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