Hey, I’m Eleanor

I help women reclaim their health and come back into right relationship with their own bodies and natural cycles.

I infuse herbal medicine, the most up to date scientific research, nutritional medicine and emotional healing to get to the root cause of any physical imbalance.

What Do I Do?

During our appointment, I complete a detailed health assessment and through listening to what you need as an individual, I then create a treatment plan that works with you and your life. I may use supplements, nutrition or herbal medicine to restore any imbalances. The first appointment is normally 1.5 hours to ensure we have enough time to really assess your needs.

I worked for over 15 years in high stress mining positions, on private yachts in the Caribbean and in real estate. I know what it feels like to be stressed and exhausted. Due to my own health struggles with PCOS and chronic fatigue, I eventually found natural medicine. It changed my life and I became so passionate about it that I went on to study it myself. In the last 7 years I have also undertaken a shamanic healing and transpersonal breathwork apprenticeship. Through this, Naturopathy and shamanic healing are now infused in my treatment plans and when working intuitively with herbal medicine. Combining the emotional, spiritual and physical layers had such a profound impact on my life, that I wanted to share and help other women heal too.

Now, I’m a full-time Naturopath

I’m a Certified Naturopath and herbalist, specialising in hormones, sleep, stress, fatigue, general wellness, gut health, depression and anxiety. I am passionate about re-educating women to the beautiful and powerful aspects of their menstrual cycle and reducing shame and stigma about our bodies and our natural rhythms. I specifically work a lot with hormones including; fertility, menopause, endometriosis and PCOS.

Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women that came before her, and all those who come after her.

– Chritiane Northrup

How can I help you…

I’ve guided my clients to heal their physical bodies, discover the power within their menstrual cycle rather than fight or resist it, restore hormone imbalance, restore gut health, unlock their energy and vitality, improve sleep, reduce stress and step in to their most beautiful selves.

So, if you’re feeling disconnected from your own body, your energy and vitality, you’re in the right place.

Through working with me, you’ll learn how to not just heal your body and physical health problems, but also how to come back into a place where you truly love and honour your natural rhythms and your body.

How We Can Work Together

Personalised naturopath appointment tailored specifically for you and your unique needs. Combining my expertise, guidance & high-level support to help you reach any health or wellness goals. Available online or in Perth.

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Personalised energy work tailored specifically for you and your unique emotional needs. I combine breathwork with shamanic healing to help transform anxiety, trauma, limiting beliefs and removing energetic blocks.

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Online Programs

A 6 month immersive online course and coaching program. Includes 1 on 1 zoom consultations, tailored herbal medicine and supplements delivered to your door.

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Workshops, Speaking & Events

A passionate speaker, I present for groups large and small. Offering education about the intelligence of your body and menstrual cycle. Relaxing meditations.

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Some Fun Facts About Me

Early Life

I was born and raised in Kalgoorlie and now live in Perth, Western Australia. I have 4 brothers and my mum is a scientist and a nurse. I spent a lot of my 20s travelling the world. I’ve worked on Private yachts in the Caribbean, on mine sites, travelled through the amazon and am most at home in nature. You will often find me near water trying to surf.

Wolf Mumma

I have a talking, singing, bossy little wolf who does not like to leave my side. She runs the house and makes all our big life decisions.
She may try and sneak into a session. But only if you like her!

Herbal Creator

I have a side herbal product business that has been in creation for 6 years. It is my baby and where all my creativity and medicine gets channelled. It’s so important to me to make beautiful products, straight from the medicine mother earth gave us. I have both men’s and a women’s creations.

My Values

My programs focus primarily on the feminine energy, and empowering and healing women. Many of my resources though are open to all identities who resonate with my work. I strive to use inclusive language and examples when teaching to ensure all feel represented. I am committed to social justice and I am constantly learning and growing and acknowledge that I will make mistakes along the way.

I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we stand and teach upon, and I pay my respects to their elders, past, present & emerging.


Want to see how I can help you?

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Media Bio

Eleanor Ashley is a Naturopath and Herbalist with an infused physical and emotional approach. Her appointments and programs are designed to restore your health and empower you to live the life you truly want. Through 1:1 appointments, shamanic healing, women’s circles, retreats, workshops and speaking, Eleanor is on a mission to help you embody your femininity, heal your relationship with yourself and enhance your life and health.

Eleanor believes that the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are equally important when it comes to your health and wellness. She has supported women to finally love their bodies and heal their relationship with themselves. Her clients have rebalanced hormone, gut and mental health while reclaiming their power and stepping in to their most confident selves.

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The Journey Towards Vitality Begins on the Path of Self Love, Self Discovery + Self Mastery.

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Ellie is a great naturopath! She is very relatable and has a open hearted approach to anyone’s needs. Not once did I ever feel judged by her. She helped me grow and become more confident in such a small amount of time! She puts a lot of effort into her clients and I would 100% recommend her to any females needing some guidance.
I have often been misunderstood and even misdiagnosed by doctors, but Ellie has been able to explain symptoms and conditions that others never could. I have been very grateful for Ellie’s holistic and knowledgeable treatment approach, and with her empathic compassionate and non-judgemental style, Ellie has been an integral part of my healing journey. I cannot recommend Ellie highly enough to anyone who wants to improve their health and well being, and gain a deeper understanding of their mind, body and spirit.
Ellie is fantastic! She initiated a thorough assessment of my health difficulties and provided a specific treatment plan tailored to my individual needs. I noticed a significant improvement in my health and would definitely recommend Ellie’s services. She is kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable!

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